Getting serious with dating a Russian woman means much more than just going on fun dates. It also means embracing the Russian culture, her traditions, her history and her culture. There are plenty of differences between the East and West and if you want to be successful in your personal life with these ladies then you better learn what they are. This article offers you helpful advice.

1. The Saunas

Russian cultureRussians love going to the sauna. It is a perfect way for them to spend an evening on a cold winter night. They have all kinds of fun sayings about saunas and it wouldn’t hurt for you to learn a few. The most common one used is congratulating each other on a good sauna. Sounds silly but it means a lot to them.

2. Asking “How are you?”

In the west we are met with an answer “Great. And you?”. People don’t usually get into how they are actually doing. It is different in Russia. If you ask the same question people will give you a run down on exactly what is going on with their lives. You are expected to give long answers as well so prepare for it.

3. Smiling isn’t That Common

When you go on your first trip to Russia you may be very surprised – there won’t be too many people with a smile on their face. That is because Russians reserve smiles for friends and family. Once you get to know someone better you will notice a huge difference. It is like you are accepted and it is a special feeling.

4. They Celebrate Christmas on New Years Eve

Russians enjoy this wonderful holiday a week later than us Westerners. During our week of Christmas, not much goes on for them. They exchange presents just like we do, just on a different night.

5. A Lot of Eating

Eating with these folks is a unique experience. They don’t just take a seat, eat and move on to new things. Even at the smallest occasion there will be tables full of food, a lot of alcohol, hours of chatting. It is lie an ongoing party with more courses of food you can count.


Were you surprised by any of these facts about the Russian culture? Do more research on your own into this topic and you will have plenty of success with dating Russian women. Come back soon for more Russian dating tips.