Russian women are well known for several things that make them incredibly attractive to western guys. Here are a couple of these fun facts that will be entertaining and also helpful to you when you’re intending to start dating a Russian woman. These tips will give you insight into the Russian dating culture.

4 Russian dating facts:

Fact no. 1 – Russian Society is Very Conservative 

Even though there has been some winds of change in the recent times with regards to Russian datingtraditional societies becoming a bit more open – some things take a long time to change. Russian women still grow up in an environment that is focused on gender stereotypes and gender roles. Lots of these ladies do want to finish their education and get a career but are ready to settle down in order to create a family. When you start seriously dating a Russian woman you need to know that her family means a lot to her and what they think of you is very important. You always need to put your best foot forward and be very polite. When you go visit the parents, always bring something nice to everyone. Gifts don’t need to be expensive at all. Just some nice tokens.

Fact no. 2 – Russian Women are Ladies in the Streets but Wild in the Bedroom

You have probably heard something like this before and everyone that’s ever dated a Russian woman can attest to this. The reason they are completely different on the street is because of their very conservative background. Once your inside the house things are the opposite. They love to express the intimate sexy side of themselves. This is a perfect balance in the relationship and is something that makes these women completely irresistible.

Fact no. 3 – Chivalry Must Exist

In the Russian dating scene the women are used to acting like ladies and therefore expect the men to behave like gentlemen. Russian guys are pretty chivalrous by nature and so you may have to up your game. Bring her flowers, little gifts, hold the door open, offer her your jacket on cold nights, take her to nice places and so on.

Fact no. 4 – Russian Women Care a Lot About How They Look

We are not implying that they’re vain, we are simply saying that looking good is the norm for them. They love to express their femininity and work hard to bring out that side. They dress up even for going to the grocery store. Note that in order to be the right partner for these ladies you need to match them somewhat. They want to date someone who cares about how they look as well so if you’re simply a t-shirt and jeans guy then you need to up your game. Get some advice from clothing stores if you aren’t too aware of what fits you well.

Remember These Facts

If you want you’re dates with Russian women to go well you need to inform yourself about what their dating world is like. Come back soon for more articles on Russian dating.