If you are interested in dating Russian women then you need to be aware of what the dating culture there is like. You don’t want to end up in uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, do you? It it common for them to have many superstitions regarding most aspects of life. The majority of them have to do with relationships. This article details 6 of the must-know Russian relationship superstitions.

1. Feet. Yes, feet!

Russian relationship superstitionsIt sounds funny but it is true. If you happen to step on your girlfriend’s foot accidentally, the legend goes that they need to step on your foot in return. The relationship superstition states that if the other person doesn’t step back then the couple will experience a serious fight soon. So you might want to watch your step from now on, considering how often Russian ladies love to wear heels.

2. Looking back.

This superstition has to do with getting married. It states that you are not supposed to look back on your way to church. Everyone who is getting married needs to resist the urge to do this on their wedding day. Even if something really catches their attention. To Russians, looking back symbolises missing your former home, life, lifestyle and so forth. It is no way to take a step towards the future. Note that this applies to both, the bride and the groom.

3. Rings

While it may be normal in some countries in the west to take off your wedding ring to show it off to others(usually to show the engraving on the inside of the ring), it is something that must not be done in Russia. It symbolizes taking off your love and dedication to the person you married. So even if a friend asks to see the ring, you are supposed to hold up your hand and show it and say what you had engraved on the ring.

4. and 5. Flowers

Flowers are very often given to Russian ladies. Even more than anywhere else. If you want to date Russian women there are some things you need to know about flowers before you rush to buy any.

1. Do not buy yellow flowers – Remember this well. Yellow flowers mean that the relationship will end soon and while you may think this is a harmless error, your girlfriend will not think the same way if she receives them.

2. Odd numbers work – This rule is simple. Odd numbers are great for dates, birthdays and dates while even numbers are for funerals.

5. Cards

Are you good at playing cards and happen to be single? To Russian women that means that you are very unlucky in love. We don’t know where this superstition comes from and why it only applies to men and women who aren’t married yet. You may want to get less enthusiastic about playing cards when you start dating a Russian woman.