Christian dating sites may have become famous due to the subject matter of being “unequally yoked” that the Bible is talking about. This is a place where individuals of the same faith can connect to one another. Given the fact that online dating has become so popular, why should Christians be the exemption?

The society is gradually becoming open to the idea of online dating. It may not be completely accepted as the norm since the “boy meets girl and they go on a date” scenario is still popular too. The question is, how acceptable is this to the church. To know this, we need to consider what the Christians think about it and what the Bible’s take on love and dating is.

Christian Dating Sites

The Bible’s Interpretation of Love

For the majority of Christians, love comes when the time is right. It’s the way that they were brought up and it’s what was taught to them in church. You’ll find several lines from different books in the Bible that support this. You will find these in different words but the thought is the same.

There is an excellent line that sums it all up. It can be found in the Song of Songs 8:4: “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not excite or awaken love until it so desires.” When you dive into online dating and Christian dating sites, aren’t you taking the matters into your own hands? Isn’t it trying to “awaken” love? This verse just states that love comes once it is ready and you have to be all set for it. You may not have the ability to know when this right time comes but God vows that it will.

The Point of View of A Christian

Although the Bible is right about a bunch of things, you may still see some gray areas. This doesn’t just apply to the matter of love or dating, but it also applies to other subjects in individuals’ lives that many don’t consider as self-indulgent. These consist of drinking alcohol, partying and a whole lot more. That’s probably why 1 Corinthians 10:23 says: “I have the right to do anything,” you say, “but not everything is beneficial.”

This is true especially to younger Christians who think that what the Lord sees is your heart (or your intentions). And so, signing up to a Christian singles’ dating site and setting up your online dating profile may very well be harmless depending on “what” your intentions are. If you just intend to look for men and women of the same faith as yours, then that would be okay, right?

Regardless whether online dating is right for Christians or not, we all have our opinions concerning it. What can you say about it? Is it reasonable to take part in online dating sites for Christians or is it too much into the gray area to be tampered with? Your idea regarding the topic is something that we would like to hear.

Alex Vidal