A dispute within the Federal Court has recently broke out among two top online dating sites

Both online dating sites are fighting against each other in New York’s Federal Court, whereby Anastasia International has charged EM Online Ltd. dba Elena’s Models with fake advertising, infringement of Anastasia’s trademark and an attempt at fabrication of bogus recommendations against the website. Anastasia employs the domain names Anastasiadate and Anastasiadate.com for its webpage. EM Online is within Australia.

Online Dating“The company leading this particular court case, Anastasia, provide a service by which guys from the United States are matched up with women from Russia or Ukraine. The Big Apple is a considerable source of Anastasia’s clients,” the complaint states. “EM Online directly impedes upon Anastasia’s market. “Upon information and belief, Elena’s Models operates or sponsors internet websites named ‘anastasiadatefraud.com’ and ‘ruadventures.com.'”. Due to a proxy service, these websites are disguising the identity of the owners. Despite this, they “coincidentally” redirect viewers to elenasmodels.com. These websites accuse Anastasiadate of thoroughly perpetuating scams and bogus deceptions upon their clients, and then recommend that the clients use Elena’s Models, which allegedly does not follow these practices. “The anastasiadatefraud.com website proposes to show extracts from e-mails authored by women with user profiles on Anastasiadate.com. The e-mail extracts all have a standard message – the ladies featured on Anastasiadate.com are not truly looking for a relationship with men from the U.S., but rather are contract workers paid to correspond with Anastasia customers and break their hearts. The emails from these girls are undoubtedly fake, making these claims false. Anastasiadate’s clients are guaranteed that the women they’re speaking to are 100% genuine women.”

Elena’s Models knows the claims it makes on anastasiadatefraud are not true, and had the emails written specifically to hurt Anastasia’s business, the complaint states. As outlined by Anastasia, Elena’s Models is making use of its other site, ruadventures.com, to harm other businesses and promote its very own, in a very unjust way. “This site, despite claiming to be a forum focused on reviewing online dating sites, is actually noted to be quite picky as it promotes Elena’s Models solely while looking to harm other businesses. Practically nothing about Anastasiadate is valid on this site, since it is really noticeable that the facts have been meddled with to shun a poor light on Anastasiadate,” as is written on the complaint.

According to Anastasia, ruadventures.com has also made unlawful utilisation of the branded logo design to appeal to clients. “Through self referential tags, while using Anastasia’s trademarks, the websites are now linked to Anastasiadate, which has made them popular search engine results,” the complaint states. Anastasiadate, needless to say, are pressing for charges. The company represented by Richard C. Yeskoo with Yeskoo Hogan & Tamlyn.

Anastasiadate.com gives American men the ability to meet “some of the Earth’s most desirable girls!” “Anastasiadate provides the world’s greatest internet dating service,” according to the site. The web page describes itself as “the simplest way to find real women online, with the best client protection entirely on a dating site.”

On anastasiadatefraud.com, an anon author claims that he knows everything in regards to the site. Anastasiadate pays women to log in and pose as single women searching for love, and are paid to do this by the same company, according to him. A lady form Kiev told him this info, and that’s why he’s now exposing it to everyone. He states the third-party agencies offer women “high income and versatile schedule” to email and chat with American men. The only listed requirements are to be 18 or older, to understand English, and to understand how to utilize a computer, according to the website.

According to the same writer, the lady recommended Elena’s Models since, according to her, was a much more serious site.
Alex Vidal