We all have heard dating advice from the web, from tv and so on. Anyone with an internet access can claim that they know everything there is to know about dating. How then can you find quality information on dating that you can actually use?

Today’s post takes a look at what dating experts are saying about the matter. They offer advice that is surprising but very helpful and can be applied in real life. Let’s have a look at what they have to say.

1. Loving the Single Life

dating adviceNo one that is desperately searching for a partner finds them. It is almost as if the more you are looking for them the less possible it is to find them. Instead experts recommend that you enjoy the single life as much as you can. Appreciate being alon and the right person will come along. Usually that happens when we least expect it.

2. Not Comparing

Wallowing over how many people have found a partner is never a good idea. It brings on negative energy and can hinder your chances of finding someone. Being happy for other people gives you some inner peace and more readiness to wait until you find your soulmate.

3. About Being Yourself

If you haven’t landed a date in several months, perhaps it is time for some self-evaluation. You may notice that you have buried yourself in work or perhaps partying. It may be time to assess if you need to add something to your life. Something that enriches it. Like a new exciting hobby.

4. Standards

When you set standards for the person you want to be with, you should check if you match those standards yourself. It is important to offer the person the same quality in return. Note that you don’t have to be very similar as a person, just share the same values.

5. Letting Go

It may be that not going on dates is because we are still hung up on someone we loved and lost. It may be time to do evaluation here as well. Are you truly over that person? Are you ready to start dating again? If not then give yourself time. If yes then make some effort and get back on that horse.