In this article, we are going to take a look at what are some of the biggest differences in dating in Europe and dating in America. You are likely to be surprised at how radical some of the aspects of dating in Europe can be. Let’s see how the two compare:

1. Not okay to date multiple people.

European datingIn America, when a person is at the early stage of dating someone it is okay for them to go out with someone else on the side. However, in Europe, it is not accepted. Even if you have gone out with someone a couple of times, you still can’t take another person out. It is seen as cheating. Exclusivity is an unwritten rule in European dating.

2. Paying on dates.

People from the States may be surprised to hear that in Europe it isn’t the guy that gets the bill most of the time. In Europe, it is much different – the couple usually splits the bill. Expecting the man to pay every time means the woman is seen as dependent and the idea is much too conservative. It is okay to offer to pay some of the time.

3. Casual, less ceremonial.

Going on a date in the States is much more ceremonial than it is in Europe. In Europe, it is a lot like two friends getting together to hang out. There is much less pressure, less expectation, unlike in the States where the success or failure of the first date is seen as an indication of how the relationship would be.

4. Playing games?

In the States, people can flirt with you without being serious about it. In Europe, people only flirt if they are interested in you. Anything else seems much too strange for them. So when a European woman makes a move, you can bet it is sincere.


These are some of the most general differences found in the dating scene in Europe vs. America. Understandably, these differences do not apply a 100% of the time but still are useful to know about.