Nothing impresses Ukrainian singles more than a guy who is showing genuine interest in their nation and makes an effort to learn more about it. It might seem obvious, but most guys participating in international dating know nothing about the life in former Ukraine. Below are a few easy and straightforward ways to learn more about the country of your special Ukrainian lady.

Make an effort to learn Ukrainian

One of the best ways of getting to know your foreign woman is learning her language. Knowing basic phrases and sentences in Ukrainian is not only endearing, it’s also helpful for your personal development. It is going to surely help you communicate better via emails and chats and will be very useful once you travel to Ukraine to meet your chosen lady face to face for the first time. Even if your relationship doesn’t work out the way you’d like, you will always have this unique skill which could come in handy in the future.

Know basic history and geography

If you’re dating Ukrainian singles, it is good to know the locations and landmarks of largest cities and the important events that helped shape Ukraine. Special attention must be paid to the district or part of town your girlfriend is from.
If you’re not sure where to begin, look for articles on relevant topics on the web and Wikipedia. You do not need to know everything about her country, but knowing more than a typical American guy does will certainly impress your woman and make you understand her better.

Know the culture

One of the greatest things about being in a cross cultural partnership is experiencing new things and learning about points like national foods, biggest holidays, customs and much more. Ask your Ukrainian woman how she celebrates major holidays back home, what type of meals she enjoys and what traditions are most important to her. You could possibly also go to specific Ukrainian culture events in your local area, browse recipes of food online or study books about the former Soviet Union.

Avoid the stereotypes

You must always be open-minded and not take the silly stereotypes about your partner’s country seriously. You girlfriend will feel hurt if a man she cares about recites unfair stereotypes like true facts. Below is a list of common, but false
stereotypes about Ukrainian singles:

  • Ukrainian ladies on dating websites are only interested in money or an American green card
  • All international dating websites employ local women to chat with foreign guys
  • If a guy spends enough money, he can win the heart of any woman on the cyber dating website
  • All Ukrainians love Karl Marx

Needless to say, there are always people who symbolise these stereotypes accurately, but it definitely doesn’t mean that all women from Ukraine do. If you truly want to learn a lot more about your sweetheart’s culture and country, never let these false stereotypes distract you.

Should you be genuinely interested in the Ukrainian woman you are chatting to, make an effort to learn more about her country and culture. Studying basic Ukrainian and simple details about culture, history and geography are a great way to achieve this. Not only will it benefit you personally, you’ll also seriously impress your future life partner and what can be better than that?