Rejections are a part of dating and if you are involved in Christian dating, you can handle this part easily.  You can overcome the bad feelings of rejection if you have faith in God. You need to believe that God is there for you and He will listen to your prays if you seek His help. All you need to keep in mind that there is a plan that God has for you and that is better than your plan. He will help you to find a suitable Christian man if you submit yourself to Him.

A Christian woman should be patient over all the mess in her life. She should accept that all has happened with the consent of God and He will work out a way for her too. If you are facing a rejection and your heart is sensitive and fragile, follow the tips given:

  • Read the Bible:

If you are depressed with the rejection you received, try to read the Bible and keep your faith with teachings from the Bible. You will finally accept the rejections thinking of the God’s will in it. You will believe that God loves you and He would never burden you with unnecessary bad experiences. A good time will come when all your dreams will come true.

Have a look at Romans 8:28, for instance, it will help you keep in mind that if you Love God purely, He will direct you to the right path even if it appears that you are lost, ultimately you will reach your destination safely. Same is the case in rejection. It doesn’t matter that you are rejected, one day you will get what you want.

  • Seek Help from Loved Ones:

Friends and family play a role of support group during the recovery process from rejection. Reach out them and enjoy their company. Feel their love and give importance to their feelings for you. Don’t look at the experience of rejection as someone whos life was dependant on that one person. It was just a time in your life and it will not last forever. Similarly, your friends and family should have some place in your heart and life. Give them their position and feel blessed in return of love you received.

  • Learn from Bad Times:

A Christian woman is always blessed with the wealth of faith. She should believe that bad times are temporary. There is always a reward after a hardship. God is testing you and if you pass the test, you will be rewarded greatly. A rejection is not an end of life. Everything happens for a reason that we don’t know always but God knows. All we need is to trust Him and wait for good times.