The comparison is always tough but both type of girls have a few differences. The lesser alluring (bottom half) of Eastern European lovelies is to be pointed out more often than usual. They do have a well built body and some of them exercise but the lower half of their bodies has either skinny appearance or bulky. The right size is hardly seen. The ladies who reach to their late forties get to grow more mass than the American ladies and so the body appears to be a bit bulky. Eastern European Girls Vs. American Girlsleaves out all the models and generally points out where the ladies are ahead and where they lag. If Eastern Europe ladies tend to have inappropriate lower half parts than American girls find it hard to stick to one style statement. Mixing different trends and colors often makes a lot of problems and looks weird.

Girls with shorts would be wearing long shirts which do not go well at all. American ladies go with instinct and what they think looks best is all that matters. Eastern European ladies do not try harsh style statements like brick red hair or pink dyes. Nicki Minaj followers however in America try every color to blend in with their natural strands. But when it comes to the competition, the hot girls are definitely found in the States. Eastern European Girls Vs. American Girls would have many flaws but the judgment is based on observation. The girls know what would look hot and appealing and blend in with the rest with a pinch of uniqueness. Showing off the body parts and the bright skin tone is one of the reasons why they lead. They are on the charts and magazines ruling the age of fashion whereas the Eastern European ladies do not do so that well. They cover up most of the parts if not all but the style is a bit different. They do attract a lot of Asians but in a war with America, they lose. The attire is what attracts people.

Comparison of Eastern European Girls and American Girls is quite intriguing. The body however is shown only when the dress is revealing. A lot of Eastern European ladies have had the opportunity to try new hairstyles which often go well with the face and they are quite good at it. They somehow do not know how to shape up the body which often is quite difficult. Men find it quite easy to get into a relationship with multiple ladies in America but cannot do so much in Eastern Europe. Comparison of Eastern European Girls and American Girlswould leave us with a lot of doubts. The eastern European girls are however more reliable and caring. They know the responsibilities and have a long term relationship with the man they love. American girls are known to have more than one boyfriend and they do not find it bad at all, as long as it is not a serious relationship.