Keeping your girlfriend can be a little bit difficult! We bring you some really easy ways that you can make and keep your Ukrainian girlfriend happy all the times!

  • Pay her plenty of compliments. Most people only pay compliments at the start of the relationship, and then everything starts to become monotonous. You need to recognize that your girlfriend dresses up and looks pretty for you, every time the two of you go out on a date. Realize that, and pass impressive compliments. You don’t know how great that will make her feel.
  • Keep up a sense of humor. Ukrainian girls love to laugh and greatly appreciate someone who can make them laugh. Whenever both of you are out together, enjoy life. Don’t keep yourself in a bad mood, or let your professional work troubles you when you are with her. For her, you are very important and she should be the same for you.
  • Bring her flowers! It is a simple, inexpensive gesture that will make her feel like the most special woman on earth. Buy a dozen roses on your way to pick her up. She will absolutely fall for you all over again.
  • Sometimes, cook for her yourself! Paying at restaurants is a very gentlemanly gesture, but she will certainly appreciate it a lot more if you take the time out to cook for her. She will be able to feel the love and care for her that you have. In Ukraine, women are expected to cook and main their house. It will be a refreshing change for her if you take the time to spend in kitchen to bring her a special meal!
  • At least, once in a month, plan a special trip to somewhere your girlfriend will love to go. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. A day at the beach, a picnic, or simply going shopping with her will make her very happy and the two of you will also get to spend some quality time together.
  • When she’s talking to you actually, she wants you listen her. Instead of reading the paper, or looking at your phone, pay attention to her. It will make her feel like you truly care about what she has to say and she will feel good about herself and about the relationship.

These are some very simple ways that you can make your Ukrainian girlfriend feel like the most important person in your life and to keep her very happy!