Every culture has its own values, traditions and beliefs about everything. Weddings are no exception to this rule. In western cultures there are some well known traditions like “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, throwing the bouquet, the garter belt and so on. In Asian countries, the newlyweds are showered with rice to bless them with prosperity. There are so many fascinating wedding beliefs around the world. In this article we are going to focus on the Russian culture and what the Russian weddings are like.

May Weddings

In the West, weddings usually take place in June and July since it is the perfect season with all the flowers in full bloom, the wonderful summer heat and so on. In Russia, however, any time of the year goes but not May. May is seen as an unlucky month for a wedding and Russian weddingspeople think that weddings that take place in May are destined to fail. Another theory for the reason behind the reluctance of having a May wedding has to do with how much the word “May” is similar to the word “pain” in Russian.


There is another interesting belief: if either of the rings is dropped during the ceremony then it is a bad omen. The couple will have a difficult marriage. That is why people pay a lot of attention to handling the rings. The groom is very mindful of not dropping the ring as he fits it to the bride’s finger and vice versa. Additionally, the bride isn’t supposed to handle the empty ring box after a ring has been placed on her finger. The box will be taken by a bridesmaid.

The Head of the Family

A Russian wedding involves going to the Registry Office to officially register the marriage. There is a belief around stepping onto the registry office’s carpet: whoever steps on it first is going to be the head of the family. A lot of couples want to avoid any fights about this issue that may emerge and step on the carpet together. Other couples are more traditional and there the groom does it first.

This concludes our list of fun beliefs and superstitions revolving around Russian weddings. Come back soon for more articles about the Russian culture.