It’s a known fact that men like an adventurous woman. Russian women are that and more. They are attractive, daring, and the kind of women who want to have fun. Here we have some tips and ideas that might make your experience with how to date a Russian woman a little easier and a lot more fun.  Just go ahead and follow these extremely simple rules.

First you need to know where to search for them, which is the biggest challenge. While the most evident place to start to date a Russian women will be Russia, there are places like Latvia, Estonia, or Belarus (formerly part of the Soviet Union) where it’ll be quite easy to meet Russian women.  Even in the United States of America, there’s a large population of Russian immigrants. Immigration has made international dating much easier. Many major cities have a sizeable Russian population living among them, so just look for bars or Russian restaurants. You might even spot them on the major beaches.

If you’re a little shy and can’t strike a conversation with a random woman in a club, just try your hand at online dating. Search for single, beautiful Russian women online with typical Russian names like Masha, Irina, Tanya, Sasha and you might just get lucky.

Spotting Russian ladies based on their looks and only looks is also a challenge. Although it isn’t too hard, it isn’t the easiest task either. There might be a place which Russian or foreign ladies frequent but you may be confused as to whether they are Russian or not. What you need to do is follow some tips that might make this task much simpler for you.

Russian women usually overdress even for the simplest of occasions since they take pride in looking their best no matter the situation. You might spot them in leather pants, high heels, and even big, chunky jewelry with quite a lot of makeup.

You can even tell her identity by just talking to her. These women will let you know where they belong the moment you start talking to them. They are proud of being a Russian woman and will make sure that you know that. However, there are other ways that she could clue you in. She might talk about her family and how much she loves them. She might even have a grandmother whom she’s extremely fond of.

When you try to date a Russian woman, be confident in your stance. Don’t look down at your feet while conversing with her and make direct eye contact.  Make sure you’re well dressed and groomed. Talk about the positive, happy things in your life. You must have a good sense of humor too. Russians have a sense of humor that is dependent mostly on sarcasm, anecdotes, wordplay, and cheekiness, so make clever remarks on things around you both, something you both might be able to relate to. You need to be quick with your responses with your Russian beauty; don’t make her wait too much.

You must appear confident and strong, but you must also show your sensitive side to her. Mention your parents, grandparents, even your siblings, and how much you care about them. It will impress her.

Women are complicated, Russian or not. You need to know how to handle them. These tips will just make it a little simpler.