So you are interested in dating Russian women – the chances are that you don’t know much about her culture. If you want to be successful with your dating, you need to gather as much information as you possibly can. The article at hand is written just for you: remember what the following things you should avoid are.

1. Showing off your financial capabilities.

Russian womenIt makes sense that we want to impress the attractive people we meet. Flaunting your money however is a quick way to lose that Russian woman you’re going out with. Expensive gifts and dinners at expensive restaurants sound great but should be reserved for when the relationship has gotten much more serious. They make sense as anniversary gifts.

2. Falling in love right away.

In online dating, it often happens that people fall in love with an idea of the individual rather than who they are. That is all thanks to the fact that most of the communication takes place online and not face to face. That leaves people with a lot of time on their hands to create a perfect somebody out of whoever they are talking to. Take your time and meet the person you are interested in. Don’t fall in love with an idea.

3. Making rash decisions.

The third tip stems from the second one. When online dating, it is easy to lose a sense of reality. It seems as if you’ve been chatting to this amazing person for ages, doesn’t it? In reality, you two have not spent that much time together. Here is where people make crucial mistakes. They may get engaged or even decide to get married way too fast. Something they would never rush if they met the person every day.

4. Forgetting about cultural differences.

In international online dating, people meet others from different cultures. The downfall of many international couples is the fact that they forget to factor in cultural differences. When these people finally get together, they may be very surprised and even disappointed how differently they live and see things. Learn as much as you can about the culture of the person you are talking to online.


Reality checks are among the most important things in the online dating world. If you are truly interested in dating Russian women, then you should remember the tips we provided and do more research on your own. It helps to have the bets online dating experience possible.