Tips for a successful long distance relationship

If you have met the woman of your dreams through one of the many available online dating websites, you may be wondering how to keep your long distance relationship going strong until you finally meet face to face. Every relationship takes work and online relationships, just like traditional ones, require trust, honesty, communication, understanding, respect and commitment to thrive. Below are some simple tips you could use to stay close while you’re forced to spend time apart.

Communicate frequently – Discuss which channels you both prefer and use them often. Most couples prefer using Skype because of it’s free video calling option, but thanks to modern technology there are plenty of other ways to stay connected: email, texts, instant messenger and even web cams just to name a few.

Tell each other how you feel – Shallow conversations will not take your relationship anywhere, instead share your feelings as it is a great way to create a connection that only you two share.

Long Distance Relationship

Trust each other – It’s natural to wonder how your partner spends time without you, but worrying too much won’t change a thing. Trusting each other is a very important part of every relationship and it has to be mutual to be right.

Discuss boundaries and expectations – We all have different desires and needs. The best way to avoid disappointments and misunderstandings is by discussing your expectations and how to meet them.

Don’t be needy – Just because your partner doesn’t answer your text straight away doesn’t mean you need to keep texting until she does. This will make you sound desperate and boring so give her time to get back to you.

Be patient – The time spent waiting for your loved one to call may seem like forever, especially if you don’t have much to do. It’s a lot easier to be patient if you’re busy doing things you love, like going out with friends, going for a run or even reading a book.

Support each other – Make sure to ask your partner how she’s doing and encourage her when it feels right. There’s nothing wrong with asking for support too. Just because there are hundreds of kilometres between you doesn’t mean you can’t work through problems together.

Remember important dates – Write down all the important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, “first times” and celebrate them as dates. Schedule time for longer calls or surprise each other with gifts.

Plan your future – The time you’re forced to spend apart won’t seem endless if you make plans for when you meet again. Even if you have to wait for months, nothing will keep the fire burning more than anticipation.

Focus on the time spent together – You both should focus on the time you have together instead of the time you have to be apart. Write down your phone dates, schedule time to read emails, go through your latest photographs and find a common goal to work toward. There are plenty of ways to stay close despite the physical distance.

Keep in mind that even though long distance relationships are challenging, they are also very rewarding. For example, you’re less likely to take each other granted. When you finally see each other again, it’s likely to feel more exciting. It definitely takes a lot of commitment to keep a long distance relationship alive, but if you’re both willing to work for it, you partnership will become even stronger.