The first step towards Christian marriage is dating. Most of the Christian dating starts with the hope that they will marry each other in the end. Although this does not mean that they start planning their wedding after the first date, but they always have marriage at the back end of their mind. In other words, when Christians go on a date, they have the hope that this would be the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. If you go on a date without being open to the idea of marriage, then it definitely is not a Christian date. Below are some of the most significant and common dating mistakes as well as Christian dating advices.

Dating without Romance in Mind

This is one of the most common mistakes made by a lot Christians. They go on a date which isn’t a real Christian date. It means, they date without being romantically involved with each other. Saying that you are not going on a Christian date does not imply that you are not dating a Christian woman or not doing Christian activities. It simply means that you are dating without being open to the idea of marriage to that specific person. If you want a date to be a Christian date it has to follow the ethical standards of a Christian date and must have to act on Christian dating advices as well.

Looking Only Inside Your Circle

It is really easy to look for someone in your comfort zone, but you should also try to meet people outside your own social circle. You never know you might come across someone who can be the love of your life, but he just isn’t in your social circle.

Being Friends First

Although you should always have the romantic intent at the back of your mind, but you should become friends with someone before you starting planning for future dates. Understanding is very important for couples, and understanding comes with friendship, rather than romance.

Putting Your Family Opinion Ahead of Your Feelings

You should be concerned what friends and family have to say about the person you are dating and planning to marry. But, their opinion should not be your final decision. You should decide how to go about this relationship and what to do with it.

Not Being Yourself

Another mistake that Christian makes while dating is that they try to act like someone else. This leads to wrong expectation and impression. Plus one cannot fake for very long, so it is important that when you go on a date you should act yourself.