When you start dating, it is just the beginning of a relationship, which at the time isn’t anything more than an acquaintance. Dating sets the tone, though. When a woman is asked by a man out on a date, it is obviously because he is attracted to her. Physical attraction is, of course, one of the first cards that pan out. Since we are on the topic of physical attractiveness, we can’t help but talk about the elegant, free and timeless beauty that is famed with Russian women.

Being attracted to a woman isn’t all it takes, though. For non-Russians pursuing a Russian woman, a few guidelines will help to get you on the right track, especially when it comes to dating. Obviously, the easiest and surest way to do this is by getting help from fellow Russians.

It’s no secret that these days, online dating has had a kickstart in popularity since the time it first got introduced to the world. People from different walks of life – single men, widowed, separated and/or divorced – from all across the globe have gotten the help of online dating to find their perfect match. Although not everyone finds the right person immediately, there are a lot of men who have happy endings and even turn out to be long-lasting husbands.

These Russian dating sites have had major upgrades over time and the technology is surprisingly great for finding the best match for men and women’s personalities, preferences, and other qualities. However, there are also unfortunate cases where Russian women go through bad experiences. For instance, profile pictures end up being used by others for scamming in various ways on the Internet.

Getting straight to the point, a lot of these Russian ladies are misperceived because of the negative tone that comes with the term “mail order bride.” True enough, there are men out there who believe that they “own” these women after some time. Also, there are some men who have not opened up their minds to the modern, free world. These men believe that just because a Russian woman is on such dating sites, she is easy to buy – that she will be willing to leave her home and give everything up after you give her flowers or jewelry or money. Of course, this isn’t the case. In reality, these sites serve as forums and places for getting to know each other, sharing life experiences and dreams, and finding someone with the same passions and interests.

In defense of the male population, there are also, unfortunately, some Russian women who do scam prospective dates. They scam the men out of their money or material items. So, as an open note to all guys out there – never give any money to a woman you met online. You may instantly fall in love because of the physical beauty of a Russian woman, but it is better to go to sites which feature not only women who look like supermodels, but different women with real personalities.

Surely you’ll find your match through online dating sites. Currently, there are more than 20 million people with dating accounts on these sites! It’s only a matter of time, some common sense, and faith in true love before you are on your way to meeting the right girl for you.

Alex Vidal