Christians have very strong, solid values towards dating and marriage. Christians believe that a marriage is a commitment that requires work, perseverance and, at times, pain. Once a Christian is married, it is for life. Christians believe that a marriage is a ministry between the 2 partners and God. Both parties have been chosen for each other by God and divorce is frowned upon in the Christian marriage.

For a perfect date, you must follow the given principals of Christian dating:

Dating single Christians Only

Christians should only date someone who is single.   A person who is separated from another partner or is involved in a situation that is considered “complicated”, is not fully available to commit to any long term relationship.  This person will only cause emotional heart ache and confusion.  Single Christians who are ready to fully commit to a long term relationship make the best partners.

Use Reasoning, Not Love to Find a Partner

Christians are not encouraged to fall in love because it is believed that emotion clouds reasoning.  If someone falls in love, they will not be able to think rationally or see who God has chosen for them to marry.   Love makes people do things that they would not do when thinking with a clear head.   Love is considered somewhat whimsical and short term.  Decisions made by love will only be regretted later.

Sex Only after Marriage

If a Christian allows their emotions to guide their relationships, they may also choose to have a sexual relationship before they are married.    Sex outside of marriage is strongly frowned upon and discouraged.   Christians should wait until after they are married before having a sexual relationship with their partner.   A Christian should be a virgin when they marry and they should only have a sexual relationship with their spouse.

Christians Should Only Date Other Christians

Christian’s should never date non Christians. A non Christian is not committed to God at the same level as a Christian and could try to sway the Christian person against the beliefs and responsibilities towards God and the Church. Non Christians might not have the same values and beliefs as Christians do, which will only create conflict.

Loving Yourself First before Loving Someone Else

The most important principal for Christians when it comes to dating is to love yourself. First and foremost, a person should feel fulfilled with them self and their relationship with God.  A person should not need another person to find fulfillment. If someone needs another person to make them feel fulfilled, that is a sign that there are other issues.   Unless those issues are dealt with, the Christian will never find true happiness. A Christian should feel completely fulfilled in themselves and their relationship with God before they develop a relationship with another person.

One can assure you that if you have been following the principals of Christian dating, you are on the right path.