International dating is a way for men to meet the kind of women they could never find in the U.S. Foreign women are very feminine and proud of it. They dress, look, and act feminine. They are sweet and modest, and are proud to wear skirts, dresses, and other feminine attire. Russian and Ukraine women keep their hair longer to look feminine.

International dating


In general, European women treat men better and appreciate them more than women from other parts of the world. They admire and respect their men. They seek relationships with men, rather than resist them. Men feel more relaxed around foreign women because they are authentic, down-to-earth, and not so defensive.

Most European women are usually thin or not overweight. Being overweight is less common in foreign countries, especially in Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Intercultural couples have an exciting opportunity that traditional couples do not: the never-ending opportunity to learn about another country and culture! When you give international dating a try, you will learn about the food, the language, and culture of your partner’s country. International couples are able to compare and contrast different ideas and introduce new perspectives.

If you are involved in international dating then you often have the opportunity to travel to your partner’s homeland. International travel is a rewarding and broadening experience and something that every person should experience at least once. It is especially rewarding when you have someone special to share the journey.

Separated by oceans and on the other side of the world, international couples have the advantage of making phone calls at those key times that you wish your last lover had remembered. The “Good morning, I miss you” call will never be missed because of a faulty alarm clock. The world clock becomes their playground.

Here are 20 advantages to dating a woman from the other side of the world:

1) They are much more feminine and proud of it.

2) They appreciate and value men.

3) They are more authentic and down-to-earth. They appreciate and reciprocate kindness.

4) They liberate men psychologically and set them free from insecurity.

5) They are usually thin or at least height/weight proportionate.

6) They are a lot more open, approachable, and friendly with strangers, which make them easier to meet.

7) They find compliments flattering and charming.

8) They tend to have better family and marriage values.  They have healthier relationships with their families.

9) They NEED men.

10) Even foreign women in industrialized first world countries are nicer and more feminine.

11) Beauty and brains are the norm in women from Russia, Europe, China, and Latin America.

12) Foreign women are easy going, accepting, and non-judgmental. They are more relaxed, easygoing, and much easier to get along with.

13) They usually remain friends with their exes.

14) They are less age sensitive.

15) They are generally more mature and of refined character. The majority of girls in many foreign countries have been working since their mid-teens, not for the purpose of buying the latest fashions, but to contribute to their immediate family’s total income.

16) They are much easier to please.

17) They still believe in old-fashioned romance.

18) They are generally more compassionate and empathetic.

19) They are great homemakers. Most foreign women love to cook for their husband and family.

20) Nice guys finish first! Nice guys are appreciated and desired.

As the old saying goes, “variety is the spice of life.” International dating is a sure way to keep things interesting! But above all, international couples know that love has no boundaries and true love defies the odds.

Alex Vidal