Everyone has an idea in their head about what they want their future partner to be like. This includes European women. European women are expected to want Prince Charming – a perfect guy who is good looking, in great shape, very loaded and drives an expensive car – however, it is not what we have observed. Our research into this matter has lead us to come to the following conclusions:

1. They want a more sensitive guy.

European womenThis shouldn’t come as a surprise. Unfortunately this word is often associated with being weak, soft, feminine and sappy. What we mean by sensitive is someone who is considerate of how she feels. There are also positive words associated with “sensitive” and they include “understanding” and also “empathy”. Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

2. They want someone who is decisive.

When we say European women want partnership, we mean they want someone who sees them as equal. This, however, may sound like being too soft. Especially for someone who’s from a more traditional family and thinks the guy should be the man of the house and make all the decisions. European women are attracted to assertive, strong and decisive guys. Not someone who says yes to everything and not someone who is overbearing.

3. They want someone who can provide.

It is understandable that she may want someone who has a stable income. This boils down to feeling secure about your finances. Especially if you want to be a family man in the future. She will most likely take quite some time off of work and would have to rely on you in the finances department.

4. They want respect.

Respect is very important in the relationship with an European woman. For you to have her respect you must be respectful of her. She may want to pursue her own dreams and you need to show her you support her.

There’s no difference

No matter which culture you’re looking at, what people want in a partner is largely the same. Someone who cares, has a great personality, has a secure life and respects us. The same with European women.