Assuming that you are interested in dating Russian ladies, there are ways to approach them for the dating to go smoothly. These ways are, of course, influenced by culture and you should really be aware of them if you really want to have a beautiful Slavic girlfriend. A lot can be said on this matter. We are here just to help you get the hang of the basics.

Question #1: You are so gorgeous. How did you get this pretty?

Seems harmless, right? It sounds like your average pickup line but you have to remember that the entire world is aware of Slavic women’s natural beauty. Keyword is natural. It may not have been your intention to ask her about her makeup or beauty routine but to her, it’s kind of what you were going for. Slavic women online want to maintain the idea that their beauty is natural even though it, sometimes, isn’t (with the use of makeup, surgery, exercise and etc).

Question #2: Let’s talk about your past.

There are many other versions of this topic such as, “What went wrong in your past relationships?” Don’t. You don’t want to come across heartless and cause someone pain by bringing up something hurtful from the past.

Question #3: Do you only date foreigners?

This isn’t something you ask of a woman. Just don’t. It is far too personal and you don’t want to stop her from feeling lady-like.

Question #4: What do you think about your country’s politics?

Understand that most of the Slavic countries that we mentioned earlier have very strong opinions on their government or current country leader. You may say something that puts her off and then good luck with winning her back.

Question #5: Why are you not dating men from your homeland?

You won’t get away with it if you ask a Slavic woman a question such as this. She will be thinking that you are implying she got into online dating for the wrong reasons. If you were asked the same thing, you may take offence as well.

Question #6: How come you don’t have a partner yet?

Basically that is like saying that there is something wrong with her character and no one wants her or gets a chance.

Even if she is picky, that is her business and if you think about it, you are similar. You want to choose too: tall, blond hair, blue eyes, beautiful, works out and so on. Catch the drift?

Don’t bring these topics up

It would be a good idea to do more research online because there are more No-No topics out there. You can’t just count on some basic things your mom taught you.

We hope these tips were useful to you. Visit back soon for more Russian dating tips.